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The  BAJAJ Dominar D400 and D250 are both Naked type motorcycles. The D400  produces 40hp of power, while the D250 model provides 27hp. This means the D400 has a higher power output, indicating a higher speed potential. The D400's 35nm of torque and 400cc engine size promise a stronger performance, whereas the D250  model has lower values with 23.5nm of torque  and a 250cc engine size.

Both models are equipped with ABS  (Bybre Brake Calipers) on the front and rear brakes, enhancing safety. However, the D400  is equipped with wider tires (110/70-17 front, 150/60-17 rear), providing better grip and stability. Additionally, the  D400 features additional enhancements such as Euro 5 compliance and 3 spark plug technology, offering a more modern riding experience.

Both the  D400 and D250 models are liquid-cooled and have the same fuel capacity (13 liters), but while the D400 has an average fuel consumption of 4.5 liters, the D250 consumes around 3.3 liters. This indicates that the D250  is more fuel-efficient.

Physically, the D400  model is slightly heavier at 192kg, but with its powerful engine and larger tires, it has more power to carry this weight. The D250  model weighs 180kg and offers a more agile ride due to its lighter weight.

Finally, in terms of price, the D400  model is slightly more expensive than the D250, but considering the additional power and features it offers, the price difference can be justified.

BAJAJ Dominar D 400 vs BAJAJ Dominar D 250 Compare Specifications

Feature BAJAJ Dominar D 400 BAJAJ Dominar D 250
Engine size 400cc 250cc
Power 40hp 27hp
Torque 35nm. 23.5nm.
Cylinder / Valve Single Cylinder, 4 with valve Single Cylinder, 4 with valve
Weight 192kg 180kg
Front Brake ABS (Bybre Brake Calipers) ABS (Bybre Brake Calipers)
Rear Brake ABS (Bybre Brake Calipers) ABS (Bybre Brake Calipers)
Saddle Height (cm) 80cm 80cm
Front Tyre 110/70-17 100/80-17
Rear Tyre 150/60-17 130/70-17
Cooling Liquid Cooling Liquid Cooling
Front Suspansion Telescopic Telescopic
Rear Suspansion Coil-spring, Nitrox single shock absorber Coil-spring Nitrox single shock absorber.
Motorcycle Type Naked Naked
Top Speed 170km/h 160km/h
Fuel Capacity / Consumption 13 lt - 4.5lt/100km 13 lt - 3.3lt/100km
Prevalence of Service Network
Service Quality
Spare Parts Availability
Price 3840$ 3231$
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