Comparison of Bajaj Dominar D250 and CF Moto NK250 | Price and Feature Differences

Both motorcycles offer strong performance with their 250cc engines, designed for modern and urban riding in a "naked" style. However, there are some differences in performance, features, and price.

Performance and Engine Power:

Bajaj Dominar D250: Produces 27hp and 23.5nm of torque, reaching a top speed of 160km/h.

CF Moto NK250: Produces 27.8hp and 22nm of torque, with a top speed of 161km/h, slightly surpassing the Dominar D250.

Price and Economy:

Dominar D250: Priced at $3231, making it more affordable compared to the CF Moto NK250.

CF Moto NK250: Priced at $3749, but the additional cost is justified by the extra features and technologies it offers.

Fuel Capacity and Consumption:

Dominar D250: Offers a fuel capacity of 13 liters and a consumption rate of 3.3 liters/100 km.

CF Moto NK250: Also has a 13-liter fuel capacity but consumes 3.5 liters/100 km. Although slightly higher, this difference doesn't significantly impact overall usage.

Design and Style:

Both models feature modern, sleek, and eye-catching naked designs suitable for urban environments. Full LED lighting in both models enhances safety during night rides.

Weight and Maneuverability:

Dominar D250: Weighs 180kg, making it heavier.

CF Moto NK250: Weighs 151kg, offering lighter weight and better maneuverability.

Riding Comfort:

Dominar D250: Has an 80cm seat height and Nitrox suspension system, providing a comfortable ride.

CF Moto NK250: Features a 79.5cm seat height and central suspension system, delivering both comfort and sporty riding experience.

Brakes and Safety:

Dominar D250: Uses ABS with Bybre calipers.

CF Moto NK250: Equipped with ABS and CF Moto calipers, and a larger front disc brake (292mm), enhancing braking performance.

Additional Features and Technology:

Dominar D250: Includes 2 spark plug technology for more efficient combustion and performance.

CF Moto NK250: Complies with Euro5 standards and comes with advanced features such as a slipper clutch, ghost display, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, Bosch EFI, and Continental ABS. It also offers two riding modes: Sport and Economic.


The Bajaj Dominar D250 stands out with its more affordable price, strong performance, and essential modern features, making it a user-friendly option for daily use and long journeys. Its higher weight and simpler technological features make it ideal for general use.

The CF Moto NK250, although more expensive, stands out with its advanced technologies and lighter weight. It is an excellent choice for riders looking for high-tech features, such as the slipper clutch and various riding modes, enhancing the overall performance and riding experience.

CF MOTO 250 NK and Bajaj Dominar D250 Differences Between

The fundamental differences between these two motorcycles lie in performance, price, technology, and weight. The Bajaj Dominar D250, being a more budget-friendly option, delivers 27hp of power, while the CF Moto NK250 stands out with higher-tech features and lighter weight. While the Dominar D250  offers basic modern features with its heavier build, the CF Moto NK250  excels with advanced technologies such as a slipper clutch, visual display, navigation, and various riding modes. Both motorcycles, however, cater to urban riding with their 250cc  engines.

In conclusion, both motorcycles offer excellent options depending on your budget and desired features. The Dominar D250 is a more economical choice, while the CF Moto NK250 is appealing for those seeking more technology and lightweight design.

BAJAJ Dominar D 250 vs CF MOTO 250NK Compare Specifications

Feature BAJAJ Dominar D 250 CF MOTO 250NK
Engine size 250cc 250cc
Power 27hp 27.8hp
Torque 23.5nm. 22nm.
Cylinder / Valve Single Cylinder, 4 with valve Single Cylinder, 4 with valve
Weight 180kg 151kg
Front Brake ABS (Bybre Brake Calipers) 292mm disc with 4-piston caliper ABS (CF MOTO calipers)
Rear Brake ABS (Bybre Brake Calipers) 220mm disc with single-piston caliper ABS (CF MOTO calipers)
Saddle Height (cm) 80cm 79.5cm
Front Tyre 100/80-17 110/70-17 (CST)
Rear Tyre 130/70-17 140/60-17 (CST)
Cooling Liquid Cooling Liquid Cooling
Front Suspansion Telescopic 37mm inverted fork telescopic
Rear Suspansion Coil-spring Nitrox single shock absorber. Single central shock absorber
Motorcycle Type Naked Naked
Top Speed 160km/h 161km/h
Fuel Capacity / Consumption 13 lt - 3.3lt/100km 13 lt - 3.5lt/100km
Prevalence of Service Network
Service Quality
Spare Parts Availability
Price 3231$ 3749$
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