The Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 is a powerhouse of performance, boasting a robust 105 horsepower engine and 87 Nm of torque, coupled with an 800cc double-cylinder, 8-valve motor. Its Naked design embodies raw sophistication, capable of reaching speeds of up to 230 km/h. Safety is paramount with features like an immobilizer and radially mounted 4-piston caliper front brakes, while comfort and convenience are enhanced by a 5

2024 Husqvarna New Model Svartpilen 801 Features Review and Price

The 2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 catches the attention of performance-oriented riders with its impressive power and torque. Equipped with 105 horsepower and 87 Nm of torque, this motorcycle boasts a robust performance with its 800cc engine.

Standing out with its Naked style, this motorcycle can reach a maximum speed of 230 km/h.

For those who want to enjoy riding without worry during their journeys, another important aspect is the service network and availability of spare parts. The service quality and spare parts availability provided by Husqvarna instill confidence in riders.

In terms of safety and comfort, several important features are offered. For instance, being equipped with a standard immobilizer provides theft protection. Additionally, the front brakes with 2x radially mounted 4-piston calipers ensure a powerful and quick stop.

The Svartpilen 801 offers a range of extra features that enhance the riding experience. These include smartphone support, crash protection kit, radiator protection grille, USB-C charging outlet kit, among others. Furthermore, the 5" TFT screen allows riders to easily keep track of essential information.

In conclusion, the Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 delivers an exciting riding experience with its powerful performance, sturdy build quality, and convenient extras.

2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 FAQ

What are the engine power and torque values ​​of the Svartpilen 801?

The engine power is 105 horsepower and the torque value is 87 Nm.

What is the maximum speed of this motorcycle?

The maximum speed of the Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 is 230 km/h.

How is Husqvarna's service network for the Svartpilen 801?

Husqvarna typically provides a comprehensive service network, and users can generally access a wide range of service options.

Can you provide information about spare parts availability?

Husqvarna usually offers solid support for spare parts availability, and users can easily access spare parts when needed.

What is the weight of the Svartpilen 801?

The weight of this motorcycle is 181 kg.

What are the standard safety features?

Standard safety features include an immobilizer and front brakes with 2x radially mounted 4-piston calipers.

What additional features are included?

Additional features include smartphone support, crash protection kit, radiator protection grille, USB-C charging outlet kit, among others.

What is the fuel capacity and fuel consumption of the motorcycle?

The fuel capacity is 14 liters and the fuel consumption is approximately 4.5 liters.

What are the tire sizes of the Husqvarna Svartpilen 801?

The front tire size is 120/70 R17 Pirelli mt60 RS, and the rear tire size is 180/55 R17 Pirelli MT60 RS.

Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 What is the seat height of this model?

The seat height of the Svartpilen 801 is 82 cm.

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