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CF MOTO is creating excitement in the motorcycle world with its first scooter model, the CF MOTO 150SC, set to be released in 2025. The brand's Instagram announcement highlighted that the new model is ideal for both sport and daily commuting. With its sleek and modern design, the CF MOTO 150SC is poised to make a significant impact in the scooter segment. More information about the new model will be shared as it becomes available, so stay tuned.
CF Moto

New CF MOTO 150SC Scooter Model Coming in 2025! | CFMOTO's New Scooter Model 150 SC

  • 2024-07-04

CF MOTO is set to revolutionize the motorcycle world with the release of its new scooter model, the CF MOTO 150SC, in 2025. Given that CF MO...

With a top speed of 228 km/h, it offers one of the highest speeds in its class suitable for A2 license holders. Considering its price, performance, and quality, it is expected to perform well in the Indian market.
CF Moto

450SR Launches in India: High Performance and Quality Set to Impress

  • 2024-07-04

450SR Set to Launch in India in August, Expected to Continue its Sales Success in Europe and America

The CF Moto 450SR

CFMoto introduces the 450SR S, a dynamic A2 sportsbike with a potent 46.3bhp engine and premium features like a single-sided swingarm and winglets, challenging established competitors in its £6499 price range. Its sleek design, enhanced performance, and robust support infrastructure make it a compelling choice for young enthusiasts, standing out amidst its peers with innovative features like adjustable damping, Brembo brakes, and a curved TFT dash for traction control adjustment.
CF Moto

CFMoto Introduces the High Performance 450SR S A2 Sports Motorcycle

  • 2024-02-15

CFMoto has recently launched the 450SR S, a new A2 compliant sportsbike for 2024, signaling a serious intent in the market....

The CFMoto 800NK Sport, a naked bike manufactured in China, has garnered interest in the middleweight category. With a price tag of $8499, it competes directly with models such as the Suzuki GSX-8S and Honda Hornet. Importantly, the bike shares its platform with KTM's 790 Duke.
CF Moto

2024 CF MOTO 800NK Review and 800NK Details

  • 2024-01-21

The CFMoto 800NK Sport, a naked bike manufactured in China, has garnered interest in the middleweight category. With a price tag of $8499, it competes direct...

Notable problems include the ignition coil issue in the 2022 model, cam chain tensioner problem in the 2021 model, slider or plate drop, squeaking noise often stemming from the swingarm, and a rattling noise between 4-5 thousand RPM, possibly due to exhaust-related concerns. Solutions range from warranty service for recent models to sourcing parts from online platforms. Emphasizing regular maintenance and the importance of original spare parts, the article aims to assist riders in resolving these issues and extending the motorcycle's lifespan.
CF Moto

CF Moto 250NK Chronic Issues and Solutions

  • 2024-01-16

Despite being a popular motorcycle model in the Turkish market, CF Moto 250NK may pose some chronic problems for riders. In this article, we will address the...

The CFMoto 800NK, introduced last year as the NK-C22 concept motorcycle, has been officially released in China at a competitive price. The model comes in two variants, both sharing the powerful 799 cc parallel-twin engine with 99 horsepower, designed by KTM, and a chrome-molybdenum steel tube frame. Despite its affordability, the motorcycle offers abundant standard features, from a 5-inch TFT display, cruise control, and phone pairing system on the base model to an impressive 8-inch TFT screen with wireless Apple CarPlay, keyless ignition, and a steering stabilizer on the top-tier version. The pricing, approximately $6,800 for the base model and $7,200 for the higher-end variant in China, positions the CFMoto 800NK as a notably more budget-friendly option compared to its competitors. The bike boasts quality components, including fully adjustable KYB suspension, J.Juan radial-mounted ABS-supported front brake caliper, and a comprehensive set of riding modes, catering to both performance and functionality. While maintaining an edge in cost, CFMoto does not compromise on material quality, providing a compelling package for motorcycle enthusiasts.
CF Moto

2024 CF MOTO NK 800 Features | Detailed Review

  • 2024-01-13

Last year,  CFMoto's 800NK model, which emerged as the NK-C22 concept motorcycle, has been released in China at a low price.

The ...

 CFMOTO made its mark at the 80th EICMA fair as one of the fastest-growing brands globally, showcasing its rapidly expanding product portfolio and international presence.
CF Moto

CF MOTO Motorcycles Unveiled at 2023 Eicma: CFMOTO 125NK, CF MOTO MT-X, CF MOTO 450MT...

  • 2024-01-10

IGNITING EMOTIONS WITH VISION IN MOTION: CFMOTO took the stage at the 80th EICMA fair in the vast halls of Fiera Milano. The Hangzhou-based ...

The 2024 CF Moto 675SR is a motorcycle that carries traces of its predecessors while offering a unique blend of aesthetics and technology. With its stylish design and user-friendly technological features, this model stands out, promising a distinctive riding experience with its three-cylinder engine. The combination of CF Moto's technology-focused vision, competitive pricing strategy, and environmentally friendly approach could strengthen the brand's presence in the industry, providing an attractive option for both experienced and novice riders.
CF Moto

2024 CF MOTO 675 SR Revealed: CF MOTO 675SR Review

  • 2024-01-01

The 2023 CF Moto 675SR, initially inspired by the CF Moto 450SR but equipped with a unique style, is a highly anticipated model for motorcycle enthusiasts. T...

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