The highly anticipated launch of the Bajaj Pulsar NS400 has generated significant excitement among enthusiasts, who eagerly await details about its features. Recent leaks indicate that the NS400 will sport a fully digital instrument console with smartphone connectivity for call, SMS alerts, and navigation. Safety enhancements like ABS modes and traction control are rumored, alongside a powerful 373cc engine sourced from the Dominar 400, ensuring a thrilling riding experience. Hardware details reveal USD front forks, a monoshock, and 17-inch wheels with front and rear disc brakes. With a scheduled release on April 3rd and an expected price range of Rs. 2-2.3 lakh, the NS400 will compete with rivals like the KTM 390 Duke and BMW G310 R, poised to set new standards in its segment with its blend of technology, performance, and affordability.

New 2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS400 Bike Detail Reiew Top Speed, Price and Features

The anticipation surrounding the launch of the Bajaj Pulsar NS400 has reached fever pitch, with enthusiasts eagerly awaiting details about its specifications and features. Recent leaks suggest that the NS400 will boast a fully digital instrument console, akin to the one found on its sibling, the NS200. This console is expected to offer smartphone connectivity, enabling riders to receive call and SMS alerts, as well as access navigation features on the go.

Safety has also been a key focus for Bajaj, with rumors suggesting that the NS400 will come equipped with advanced features like ABS modes and traction control. These additions are poised to enhance the safety net of the most powerful Pulsar model to date.

Under the hood, the NS400 is rumored to be powered by a 373cc engine sourced from the Dominar 400. This engine, known for its robust performance, is expected to deliver an exhilarating riding experience, further solidifying the NS400's position as a formidable contender in its segment.

Hardware details have also been revealed, showcasing the NS400's impressive specifications. The bike will feature USD front forks and a monoshock, ensuring responsive handling and a smooth ride quality. Braking duties will be handled by a single front and rear disc, mounted on 17-inch wheels, further enhancing the bike's performance capabilities.

Excitement is reaching a crescendo as the launch date for the Pulsar NS400 draws near. Scheduled for release on April 3rd, the NS400 is poised to shake up the market with its combination of power, technology, and affordability. With an expected price range of Rs. 2-2.3 lakh, the NS400 will directly compete with formidable rivals such as the KTM 390 Duke, BMW G310 R, and TVS Apache RTR 310.

As the countdown to the launch continues, enthusiasts can't help but speculate about the NS400's potential to redefine the standards for performance motorcycles in its class. With its blend of cutting-edge technology, powerful performance, and competitive pricing, the Bajaj Pulsar NS400 is poised to make a lasting impression on riders around the globe.


New 2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS200 FAQ

Question: What is the seat height of the Bajaj Pulsar NS400?

Answer: The seat height of the Bajaj Pulsar NS400 is approximately 80 cm.

Question: What would be the top speed of this motorcycle in your opinion?

Answer: As an estimate, the maximum speed of the Bajaj Pulsar NS400 could be around 160-170 km/h based on manufacturer data and the performance of similar motorcycles. However, the actual top speed value depends on various factors, including the technical specifications of the engine, rider weight, road, and weather conditions.

Question: What do you think the USD price would be?

Answer: It's difficult to provide a precise estimate for the USD price as it depends on market conditions, taxes, exchange rates, and sales policies set by the manufacturer. However, considering the prices of similar motorcycles with comparable features, the USD price of the Bajaj Pulsar NS400 could range between $4,000 and $6,000.

Question: What would be the price in India?

Answer: I don't have exact information on the price of the Bajaj Pulsar NS400 in India as the manufacturer has not made an official price announcement yet. Motorcycle prices in India are influenced by various factors such as taxes, import costs, and market demand. However, based on similar segment motorcycles, the price of the Bajaj Pulsar NS400 in India could range between 2.5 to 3.5 lakh Indian rupees. For an accurate price, it's best to wait for the official announcement.

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