The 2024 CF Moto 675SR is a motorcycle that carries traces of its predecessors while offering a unique blend of aesthetics and technology. With its stylish design and user-friendly technological features, this model stands out, promising a distinctive riding experience with its three-cylinder engine. The combination of CF Moto's technology-focused vision, competitive pricing strategy, and environmentally friendly approach could strengthen the brand's presence in the industry, providing an attractive option for both experienced and novice riders.

2024 CF MOTO 675 SR Revealed: CF MOTO 675SR Review

The 2023 CF Moto 675SR, initially inspired by the CF Moto 450SR but equipped with a unique style, is a highly anticipated model for motorcycle enthusiasts. This compilation unveils the aesthetics, technological marvels, and standout features of this robust machine.

Aesthetic and Design

The CF Moto 675SR boasts a modern and impressive profile, capturing attention with its unique design compared to previous models. Its sleek appearance, coupled with state-of-the-art technology components, promises an enchanting experience for users.

Technological Wonders

The brand's emphasis on technology is evident in the 675SR model. The motorcycle maximizes information presentation with a user-friendly high-resolution display panel. Electronic stability control and traction control systems enhance driving safety.

Riding Pleasure and Sound

The distinctive sound of the three-cylinder engine takes the riding experience to another level. While resembling Yamaha MT-09's sound, which might not appeal to some riders, its overall performance is impressive. Despite criticisms regarding the cut-off sound, the overall riding pleasure seems to be quite satisfying.

CF Moto Vision and Pricing Strategy

CF Moto aims to secure a significant position in the industry by focusing on technological innovations. Alongside a competitive pricing policy, the brand is expected to rapidly expand its product range. Their efforts to meet environmental standards by offering eco-friendly models are commendable.


The 2023 CF Moto 675SR stands out as a remarkable motorcycle with its powerful engine, stylish appearance, and contemporary technology. Despite criticisms, we have no doubt that its overall performance and riding experience will be impressive. CF Moto's vision and competitive pricing strategy seem poised to strengthen the brand's presence in the industry, making it an attractive option for both experienced and novice riders.

CF Moto 250NK Chronic Issues and Solutions

Notable problems include the ignition coil issue in the 2022 model, cam chain tensioner problem in the 2021 model, slider or plate drop, squeaking noise often stemming from the swingarm, and a rattling noise between 4-5 thousand RPM, possibly due to exhaust-related concerns. Solutions range from warranty service for recent models to sourcing parts from online platforms. Emphasizing regular maintenance and the importance of original spare parts, the article aims to assist riders in resolving these issues and extending the motorcycle's lifespan.

Despite being a popular motorcycle model in the Turkish market, CF Moto 250NK may pose some chronic problems for riders. In this article, we will address the commonly encountered issues with CF Moto 250NK and provide solutions.

Ignition Coil Problem (Often in the 2022 Model 250NK):

Problem: One of the frequent issues in the 2022 model 250NK is the ignition coil problem. This problem can cause fluctuations at idle and even stalling when the engine is warm.

Solution: If the warranty is still valid, you can order an ignition coil from the CF Moto authorized service. If the warranty has expired and you can't find the part in the Turkish market, you can source it from online platforms like AliExpress.

Cam Chain Tensioner Problem (Often in the 2021 Model 250NK):

Problem: Especially in 2021 model 250NKs, the cam chain tensioner problem is frequently encountered. This issue can produce a tapping sound in the motorcycle's operation.

Solution: To resolve the problem, you can opt for a warranty replacement of the cam chain tensioner (lifter-tensioner). For a durable solution, it is recommended to choose an original Honda brand part compatible with the CBR250 cam chain tensioner.

Slider or Plate Drop:

Problem: A simple issue that can occur in all models of 250NK is the dropping of the slider or plate. To solve this problem, ensure that you tighten the connection screws of the slider thoroughly. Additionally, you can use a Dyson-style adhesive instead of screwing to prevent plate drop.

Squeaking Noise Issue:

Problem: Another problem that may arise in all models of 250NK is a squeaking noise. This sound usually originates from the swingarm rather than the shocks. To resolve the squeaking issue, you can remove the swingarm pivot, lubricate it thoroughly with grease oil, and then reattach it. This process can be done without complete removal.

Rattle Noise Problem Between 4-5 Thousand RPM:

Problem: The rattling noise issue between 4-5 thousand RPM in 250NK may result from the loosening of the exhaust cap or the disintegration of the exhaust internals. If the exhaust internals are disintegrated, you can request a warranty replacement since the factory acknowledges this issue.

In conclusion, most issues encountered with CF Moto 250NK motorcycles are solvable. However, if the warranty is still in effect, seeking assistance from authorized services or opting for original spare parts can make problem resolution more straightforward. Regular maintenance and checks can also extend the lifespan of your motorcycle.

2024 CF MOTO NK 800 Features | Detailed Review

The CFMoto 800NK, introduced last year as the NK-C22 concept motorcycle, has been officially released in China at a competitive price. The model comes in two variants, both sharing the powerful 799 cc parallel-twin engine with 99 horsepower, designed by KTM, and a chrome-molybdenum steel tube frame. Despite its affordability, the motorcycle offers abundant standard features, from a 5-inch TFT display, cruise control, and phone pairing system on the base model to an impressive 8-inch TFT screen with wireless Apple CarPlay, keyless ignition, and a steering stabilizer on the top-tier version. The pricing, approximately $6,800 for the base model and $7,200 for the higher-end variant in China, positions the CFMoto 800NK as a notably more budget-friendly option compared to its competitors. The bike boasts quality components, including fully adjustable KYB suspension, J.Juan radial-mounted ABS-supported front brake caliper, and a comprehensive set of riding modes, catering to both performance and functionality. While maintaining an edge in cost, CFMoto does not compromise on material quality, providing a compelling package for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Last year,  CFMoto's 800NK model, which emerged as the NK-C22 concept motorcycle, has been released in China at a low price.

The company introduced two different variants sharing the same 99 HORSEPOWER, KTM-designed 799 cc parallel twin engine, and chrome-molybdenum steel tube chassis. Both versions are quite affordable in China and come with significantly more standard equipment compared to their competitors. The base model is priced at approximately $6,800, while the top-level version is around $7,200. It's essential to note that these figures might not be directly comparable due to taxes, shipping, and various other factors varying between different countries. However, in China, the price of the KTM 790 Duke, which has the same engine and is produced in CFMoto's factory, is approximately $13,000.

CFMoto is likely to be noticeably more affordable than its competitors. In terms of performance, it falls slightly behind KTM, with 99 HORSEPOWER at 9,000 rpm.

Despite its affordable prices, there is no compromise on material quality. It features 43 mm inverted forks, fully adjustable KYB fork, and KYB monoshock for the suspension. The brake system includes a Continental ABS-supported J.Juan radial-mounted, four-piston front caliper, and a 320 mm disc.

Even the base version boasts abundant standard equipment. It includes cruise control and a 5-inch TFT display panel, incorporating a phone pairing system for navigation and music control. In the top model, this screen differentiates with a massive 8-inch TFT display positioned vertically, separating the upper section for motorcycle-related information like speed and RPM, and the lower half for applications, navigation, calls, and media. This advanced display panel also features wireless Apple CarPlay.

The top version's features go beyond this. It has keyless ignition, a standard two-way quick-shifter system, and a steering stabilizer. Both versions of the motorcycle offer a slipper clutch and three riding modes: Sport, Street, and Rain.


ModelCFMoto 800NK
Engine799 cc, Parallel twin engine designed by KTM
Power99 hp @ 9,000 rpm
Torque60 lb.-ft. @ 8,000 rpm
FrameChromium-molybdenum steel tube frame
WeightBase model: (186 kg), Top-tier model: (189 kg)
SuspensionFront: 43mm inverted fork, fully adjustable KYB fork; Rear: KYB monoshock
Brake SystemABS-assisted J.Juan radial mount, four-piston front brake caliper, and 320mm disc
Transmission SystemStandard: Sliding clutch; Top-tier: Standard dual-way quick-shifter system
Riding ModesSport, Street, Rain
Display PanelBase model: 5-inch TFT display panel, phone pairing system; Top-tier model: 8-inch TFT display panel, wireless Apple CarPlay
Additional FeaturesCruise Control, Top-tier model: Keyless ignition, steering stabilizer

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