CF MOTO is creating excitement in the motorcycle world with its first scooter model, the CF MOTO 150SC, set to be released in 2025. The brand's Instagram announcement highlighted that the new model is ideal for both sport and daily commuting. With its sleek and modern design, the CF MOTO 150SC is poised to make a significant impact in the scooter segment. More information about the new model will be shared as it becomes available, so stay tuned.

New CF MOTO 150SC Scooter Model Coming in 2025! | CFMOTO's New Scooter Model 150 SC

CF MOTO is set to revolutionize the motorcycle world with the release of its new scooter model, the CF MOTO 150SC, in 2025. Given that CF MOTO has never had a scooter model before, this move has generated significant excitement among the brand's users.

In a post on CF MOTO Global's Instagram page, the announcement read, "Sport, commute, or... both? ???? Get ready for the all-new SCooter by CFMOTO, stay tuned!????" This post indicates that the new CF MOTO 150SC scooter model will be ideal for both sport and daily use.

The image above clearly shows the design details of the CF MOTO 150SC. With its sleek and modern lines, this new model seems poised to make a significant impact in the scooter market.

We will share more information about the  CF MOTO 150SC model as it becomes available. Stay tuned!

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CF MOTO Motorcycles Unveiled at 2023 Eicma: CFMOTO 125NK, CF MOTO MT-X, CF MOTO 450MT...

 CFMOTO made its mark at the 80th EICMA fair as one of the fastest-growing brands globally, showcasing its rapidly expanding product portfolio and international presence.

IGNITING EMOTIONS WITH VISION IN MOTION: CFMOTO took the stage at the 80th EICMA fair in the vast halls of Fiera Milano. The Hangzhou-based company is one of the fastest-growing brands in the business world with a rapidly expanding and diversifying product portfolio on an international scale. The press conference kicked off the CFMOTO EICMA program, and the stage lights shone as Markus Ferch, Vice President of Sales for Europe, and Carles Solsona, Design Director, unveiled new production models, concepts, and special bikes in front of hundreds of attendees and through the Global Broadcast broadcasted worldwide via CFMOTO's official social media accounts. Here are the Motorcycles Unveiled by CF MOTO at the Eicma Fair.


The NK family is ready to welcome a new member. With the 125NK CONCEPT, CFMOTO is poised to fill the gap in the 125cc segment with a bold, fearless, and unique vision for the perfect Entertainment Machine. A naked motorcycle committed to precision, uniqueness, and unprecedented Cutting Edge for future riders. The identity of the 125NK CONCEPT becomes instantly distinctive with the design sense introduced by the NK-C22 Concept bike. The single-sided swingarm, emphasizing the carbon fiber coating of the rear wheel, and the sporty exhaust system are design details highlighting the transbody line of the bike. The tank's broad shoulders are further accentuated with special side panels, featuring a unique signature arrangement on top of these panels is a LED light. The carbon fiber air channel on the front wheel is a direct call to performance, while the front fender is a recognizable detail of the NK family. All these design features are reinforced with a color scheme effectively conveying the vibrant dynamism of this Concept bike. The 125NK CONCEPT hints at being one of the most anticipated products in the CFMOTO product range, expanding the NK family while holding a special place in the hearts of young two-wheel enthusiasts.


The MT-X CONCEPT serves as the manifesto for "X" adventures encountered when focusing on a high-tech vision, experienced in a constantly moving present. The style of unique graphics and colors that give personality to a machine as capable as the MT-X Concept: octanium color symbolizes adventure, a mature attitude towards new challenges, and fluorescent accents represent the synonymous fun and limitless exploration of CFMOTO's racing spirit. Define your limits and shatter them. The MT-X CONCEPT, a manifesto for "X" adventures encountered when focusing on a high-tech vision, is experienced in a constantly moving present. Graphics and colors blend the traces of adventure and racing, while design boldness is accentuated by lines and surfaces flowing sinusoidally from the back to the front and vice versa. The muscular front is characterized by a full LED headlight, and the vertical 8-inch TFT touch screen is inspired by rally bikes' navigation towers. Additionally, the floating side wings are a direct call to adventure bikes marking a period of desert racing. A 21-inch front wheel, high ground clearance, and increased suspension travel are vital features for overcoming all kinds of obstacles along the road. Rear panels, a flat rider's seat, and a slender tail are distinctive features of the off-road DNA embedded in the MT-X Concept. Each design element plays a critical role in perfectly positioning the fuel tank; it is located lower compared to other MT products produced to date. Abundant fuel stored in the right place effectively lowers the center of gravity, optimizing overall balance, and enhancing the riding experience in all conditions. No limit is too great for the latest Discovery Machine's boundless adventure leap.


CFMOTO's proven and successful 449cc parallel-twin platform has been tuned and developed for the thrill and excitement of adventure riding. The 450MT's engine delivers 32.5 kW at 8500 RPM and 44 Nm at 6250 RPM, while the dual counter-balance shaft enhances smoothness in throttle response and significantly reduces vibrations. The distinctive sound of the CFMOTO engine with a 270° crankshaft excites users at every acceleration moment and under any conditions. With a dry weight of 175 kg taken into consideration, the riding experience is incredibly easy. With 200 mm of travel provided by KYB suspensions, both on-road and off-road use is enhanced, and these suspensions are preload adjustable and have 20 different damping levels. Ergonomics have been finely tuned to provide comfortable cruising on windy roads as well as complete control on the most challenging trails with a high handlebar and specialized footrests. The off-road spirit of the bike is expressed not only through technical specifications but also through bodywork and style; 90/90-21" front and 140/70-18" rear wheels, 220 mm ground clearance, and 820 mm seat height (800 mm with optional seat). To enhance off-road capabilities, BOSCH dual-channel ABS can be disabled via a special handlebar button. Additionally, BOSCH TCS can be disabled from the inclined 5-inch TFT color screen with Bluetooth connectivity.


The most powerful naked motorcycle in the NK series, the CFMOTO 800NK GP, is infused with the ambition and essence behind CFMOTO's MotoGP™-affiliated Moto3™ racing project. The 800NK GP is ready to conquer the track with the same suppliers providing elite technical features supporting a sporty riding position and a racing team. Everything on the NK GP is race-focused, from tires to brakes, high-quality adjustable suspensions to the slip-on exhaust, elevated footpegs to the lowered handlebar, CNC-machined parts to fork and swingarm protectors, and the single-seat configuration. Not only does it boast a Moto3™-themed custom livery, but it also brings a cutting-edge presence to the racing circuit.


The vibes continue with the CL family: the 450CL-C makes its debut on European soil. CFMOTO's new "Cool Life Cruising" model is backed by the 700CL-X family. Innovation is a top priority for CFMOTO, and so is expression and design; hence, Custom Works is born. Through the craftsmanship of the industry's finest artisans, the CL-C LOW RIDE and CL-X SPIRIT are unveiled at the 2023 EICMA. The CL-C LOW RIDE takes distinct style cues from the CL-C series and adds an entirely new vibe. The bobber-style rear tail is accentuated with a lenticular wheel suitable for a large tire, while the single-seat configuration is adorned with contrasting stitching. The aggressive stance of the LOW RIDE is further emphasized with a dual exhaust system, reminiscent of the accent color around the bike's engine casing. The CL-C's traditional teardrop-shaped fuel tank is chrome-plated and modified. In 2023, paying homage to traditions, the CL-X SPIRIT takes the stage with a fresh look. The scrambler spirit is heightened with a new profile featuring a higher, dual exhaust courageously placed, a fresh shape of the seat sitting under high-quality leather. Off-road tires replace the wheels, and updated suspensions and brakes, along with body-specific paints that perfectly highlight the tubular frame, maintain a stylish Scrambler feel.

CFMoto Introduces the High Performance 450SR S A2 Sports Motorcycle

CFMoto introduces the 450SR S, a dynamic A2 sportsbike with a potent 46.3bhp engine and premium features like a single-sided swingarm and winglets, challenging established competitors in its £6499 price range. Its sleek design, enhanced performance, and robust support infrastructure make it a compelling choice for young enthusiasts, standing out amidst its peers with innovative features like adjustable damping, Brembo brakes, and a curved TFT dash for traction control adjustment.

CFMoto has recently launched the 450SR S, a new A2 compliant sportsbike for 2024, signaling a serious intent in the market. Featuring a robust 46.3bhp, 449.5cc parallel twin engine with a distinctive 270-degree firing order, along with premium features such as a single-sided swingarm, winglets, and a vibrant full-color TFT dash, this offering stands out from typical Chinese alternatives. Positioned competitively against established rivals like the Honda CBR500R (£6699), Aprilia RS457 (£TBC), Kawasaki Ninja 500 (£5999), and Yamaha R3 (£6505), the £6499 CFMoto is set to hit dealerships in March, becoming the sole SR S variant available in the UK.

Sharing its foundation with the SR model, the new CFMoto iteration boasts enhancements such as an underslung exhaust, aerodynamic winglets, an enlarged 240mm rear brake disc, and sturdier 37mm upside-down forks with adjustable damping. Adorned with sleek winglets framing twin LED headlights, integrated indicators within the mirrors, and a striking single-sided swingarm reminiscent of the Ducati Panigale V2, the CFMOTO 450SR S transcends its peers in terms of design and performance. Despite being relatively new to the UK market, its competitive pricing and promising performance are bound to attract the interest of young enthusiasts.

While the standard £5599 SR shares a similar silhouette, notable differences include a twin-sided swingarm, absence of winglets, and a bulkier exhaust exit on the right side. Moreover, backed by Pierer Mobility, a European distribution and parts support network (also the parent company of KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas, and with a 25% stake in MV Agusta), CFMoto ensures reliable support infrastructure. Claiming a kerb weight of 179kg and a fuel capacity of 14 litres promising up to 186 miles between refuels, the CFMOTO 450SR S features a refined engine equipped with dual balancer shafts to minimize vibrations. Its Chro-Moly chassis, combined with the subframe, weighs a mere 11kg, enhancing agility and handling.

Braking duties at the front are handled by Brembo components, featuring a single disc and caliper setup equipped with ABS to meet Euro5+ standards. At the rear, a larger rotor complements a dual-piston caliper, also featuring ABS. Beyond anti-lock brakes, the 450SR offers additional electronic aids such as a five-inch curved TFT dash for traction control adjustment and mobile connectivity. Safety features include automatic headlights and an ESS emergency braking system, signaling deceleration by flashing the rear stop light to alert other road users. Additionally, riders will appreciate the convenience of an onboard USB charging socket, with the option to choose between black or grey designs.


FeatureCFMoto 450SR S
Engine Type449.5cc Parallel Twin
Maximum Power46.3bhp
Firing Order270-degree
DashFull-Color TFT
Price (UK)£6499
Front BrakeBrembo Single Disc + ABS
Rear BrakeLarger Rotor + Dual-Piston Caliper + ABS
Suspension37mm Upside-Down Forks with Adjustable Damping
Design FeaturesAerodynamic Winglets, Twin LED Headlights, Integrated Indicators, Ducati Panigale V2-style Swingarm
Weight179kg (Kerb)
Fuel Capacity14 Litres
RangeUp to 186 Miles
Chassis MaterialChro-Moly
Electronic AidsTraction Control, Mobile Connectivity, Automatic Headlights, ESS Emergency Braking System
Additional FeaturesUSB Charging Socket
Colors AvailableBlack or Grey
Manufacturer Support NetworkBacked by Pierer Mobility, European Distribution and Parts Support
Euro Emission StandardEuro5+
AvailabilityMarch 2024

2024 CF MOTO 800NK Review and 800NK Details

The CFMoto 800NK Sport, a naked bike manufactured in China, has garnered interest in the middleweight category. With a price tag of $8499, it competes directly with models such as the Suzuki GSX-8S and Honda Hornet. Importantly, the bike shares its platform with KTM's 790 Duke.

The CFMoto 800NK Sport, a naked bike manufactured in China, has garnered interest in the middleweight category. With a price tag of $8499, it competes directly with models such as the Suzuki GSX-8S and Honda Hornet. Importantly, the bike shares its platform with KTM's 790 Duke.

Performance and Handling:

  • Powered by a KTM 790 Duke motor, it offers a thrilling riding experience with strong torque delivery.
  • Performs best when ridden hard, with a rigid chassis and fully adjustable KYB suspension.
  • Despite some issues with throttle connection and gearbox smoothness, the bike's dynamism stands out.


Features and Build Quality:

  • Equipped with a 15-liter tank, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity, and three rider modes.
  • The finish and quality are impressive for the price, resembling European or Japanese models.
  • Some disappointment with the absence of luxuries like traction control, quickshifter, and steering damper.

Comfort and Ergonomics:

  • Compact riding position with a low seat height of 795mm.
  • Footpegs are high, making the bike feel small.
  • Aftermarket seat available for additional comfort.


Engine and Riding Experience:

  • Utilizes a 799cc parallel-twin engine from the KTM 790 Duke, offering 93.8bhp and 58.2lb.ft of torque.
  • Playful and torque-heavy, the engine provides a thumpy riding experience.
  • Some roughness in engine refinement, especially in Sport mode.


Reliability and Value:

  • Impressively finished, suggesting good build quality.
  • USB socket plug is a minor cosmetic concern.
  • Value proposition was strong until the arrival of the Honda Hornet at the same price.
  • An Advanced model with additional features is expected to release later.


Equipment and Tech:

  • Equipped with ABS, three riding modes, and cruise control.
  • Lack of traction control and some ergonomic issues with switchgear.
  • Adjustable clutch and brake levers, a 5" TFT dash with Bluetooth connectivity.

In conclusion, the CFMoto 800NK Sport offers a compelling package with good performance and features at an attractive price, although facing strong competition in its segment.

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